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The 9th edition of the premier international paper exhibition



Coldwater provides reliable innovations in engineered consumables, and unique optimization products and services, to the global pulp and paper industry. We operate manufacturing facilities in the United States, Sweden and China, regional sales offices in Spain and Thailand, and have Technical Service Representatives in more than 70 countries. We are the world’s largest manufacturer of Suction Roll Sealing technology with ten distribution points around the globe. ColdFlex flexible rubber graphite is now the most widely used seal product in the industry. We are a full service Doctor Blade manufacturer offering all common materials from metals to epoxies to carbon fibers from our facilities in the United States, Sweden and China and we partner with Lantier of Spain to provide the latest in doctoring equipment technology and support. Our service and consignment programs are custom designed to meet your needs. We acquired Wilbanks Ceramics and are now the exclusive supplier of these high performance ceramics. We offer several proprietary grades of UHMW drainage elements. We also have the technical expertise on staff to assist you with drainage and formation issues, and can design and build Vacuum Control Valves and systems for dewatering management.

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+46 0 554 68 98 20
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