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The 9th edition of the premier international paper exhibition

Supporting Association

the arab federation for paper,printing and packaging industries

The Arab Federation for Paper ,Printing, and Packaging Industries, has always played a major role over the years through book making, and throughout generations, the Federation has modeled a “main” element in the Arabia overall development by becoming the principal mean for the transmission of knowledge, culture and civilization. Despite the impact of the digital world, the damaged paper manufactures did not surrender yet and continue to play an important economical role nowadays . As an Arab Federation, we are striving to keep up with economical development and to highlight on all available assets.


Turkish Pulp & Paper Industry Foundation has been representing the Turkish Paper&Board industry since 1972.

Vision of the Turkish Pulp&Paper industry Foundation is, to help the Paper&Board industry to develop technologically in terms of production, efficiency and quality, to determine the problems that the Paper Industry is likely to face during the process of Turkey’s affiliation to EU and to seek the necessary precautions to be taken, to assist in determining policy pertinent to the Sector conveying the necessary information about this subject to the Official Authorities, to investigate for the raw materials such as agricultural waste, annual plants and waste paper as well as to improve the forest resources, to make researches that will help increase their usage, to multiply the Technical Training facilities to make contributions to train human force having technical education at all levels.

Activities of the Turkish Pulp & Paper Industry Foundation are to pursue technical and financial developments inside and outside of the Sector, to arrange statistics, to prepare Annual Report of Turkish Pulp&Paper Industry, to determine the strength of the competitive indexes of the Pulp&Paper Industry within the World, to arrange seminars, symposiums, conventions for the Sector.


The Paper Industry Technical Association (PITA) was inaugurated in 1920 and is amongst the oldest Technical Associations serving the Fibrous Forest Products Sectors, with an international membership which spans over forty papermaking countries around the globe.

The Association operates as an independent organisation for the general benefit of its members – both individual and corporate – dedicated to promoting and improving the technical and scientific knowledge of those working in the Global Pulp, Paper, Board, Moulded Pulp and Particleboard industries. Based in the UK, it serves these industries, both manufacturers and suppliers, by providing a forum for members to meet and network; it organises visits, conferences and training seminars that cover all aspects of papermaking science and the issues surrounding products produced from cellulose fibre.

PITA publishes and distributes the prestigious journal Paper Technology International® and the PITA Annual Review, both sent free to members, and a range of other technical publications that include conference proceedings and the acclaimed Essential Guide to Aqueous Coating.

turkish business council

Turkish Business Council (TBC), established in 2004, is a non-profit organization, composed of companies and individuals. TBC is dedicated to encouraging and cultivating the business and trade between Turkey and UAE. With this purpose, TBC promotes commercial interests of Turkey and Turkish businessmen as well as Turkish products in the UAE market.

TBC plays an influential role in bilateral trade and investment, through sustaining partnerships and networking. TBC serves as a platform to guide, not only the investors and businessmen to enter the UAE market, but also the existing business bodies to establish new collaborations. For this purpose, TBC organizes events to stimulate fresh insights, new perspectives and also networking opportunities.

Our members represent all facets of the Turkish-Emirati business community. By participating and engaging with TBC, our members benefit from:

Access to a unique network and business contacts

A printed copy of Members Directory

Private Seminars and Conferences

Membership Discounts through “TBC Member Cards”

Regional Updates and Online Newsletters

Social and Business Gatherings

Our Mission, Vision and Objectives

The Mission of Turkish Business Council is constitutionally stated as:

To promote commercial interests of Turkey and Turkish businessmen in Dubai

To promote Turkish companies and their goods and services in Dubai

To contribute increasing trade volume between Turkey and Dubai

To achieve that mission, Turkish Business Council acts as a catalyst and advocator for the development and growth of business. As being TBC, we provide the required platform for our members to enhance their business networks and continuously encourages our members to actively involved in the activities of the Council.